Single Screw Gravimetric Feeding Machine for Dosing and Batching

Single Screw Gravimetric Feeding Machine for Dosing and Batching

Solitary CZPT Decline-in-excess weight Feeders

CZPT Introduction
Reduction-in-fat feeders can be employed for equally little to medium feeding ranges. They function with severe precision below ideal ambient circumstances. They are extremely adaptable and can manage bulk solids, liquids and even badly flowing items. They are employed in a lot of steady procedures this kind of as feeding extruders necessitating a higher amount of quick-expression feeding regularity. They are also utilised in the foods industry and in laboratories by signifies of appropriate storage containers and tailored feeding gadgets. The design and style may differ from compact constructions to modular principles dependent on use.

Basic principle
When the materials is fed by means of the feeder, the excess weight of the system decreases. Managing the loss-in-fat feeder adjustments the feed fee and as a outcome the speed of fat loss matches the wanted feed fee. Decline-in-fat feeder controls repeatedly verify whether the materials is flowing.
All parts and/or any solution they have is repeatedly weighed for the duration of operation: the feeder, the hopper and the substance.
Gravimetric feeders, for instance, have slight fluctuations in their feed prices. These fluctuations arise in the filling ability of the augers and in the bulk density of the substance. These are compensated for by adapting the auger velocity in order to guarantee the product is dispensed evenly.

Composition of loss-in-bodyweight feeder
Reduction-in fat feeders for bulk resources consist of storage hoppers, controlled feeding units such as augers, screws, agitators, pumps as properly as scales or load cells, loss-in-bodyweight controllers or fairly reduction-in-excess weight feeder controllers.
The HangZhou Pege’s reduction-in-fat feeders have, for occasion, been optimised for the compound market. Flexible installation options, various feeder measurements and hopper sizes are tailored to every single available place. Vertical container walls imply that nearly each millimetre is utilised to the max and influence positively on the bulk content circulation. Many thanks to the off-centre auger arrangement, up to 6 feeders can be positioned following to each and every other. The travel and auger setup can nonetheless be customised for the duration of assembly.


1,Software area
Resin granules, powder and pellet blendings.


  • The cantilever sling-sort weighing scale supports the storage hopper, which has the qualities of vibration reduction and anti-stage interference. It can properly protect the non-excess weight worth interference from the vibrator and measure the movement of the technique more accurately.

*The Stirring and Feeding are divided and pushed independently to ensure that the feeding velocity is sufficiently ductile. Numerous velocity ratios are chosen according to the traits of the content, increasing the overall flexibility of buyer formulation adjustment.
*Feeding motor employs servo motor + planetary reducer, exact handle, mild bodyweight, modest vibration, minimal velocity continuous torque, broad movement range, double the flow variety than AC motor.
* The output bearing seat, screw and sealing gadget can be right pulled out of the hopper for effortless servicing and cleaning.
* The motor and the screw are driven by PTFE gear. When the screw is trapped by overseas matter, it can enjoy a transitional buffer operate, supplying the motor an in excess of-torque shutdown alarm time to avoid the gearbox or the screw from getting damaged by influence deformation.
* The electrical control system reserves the Ethernet communication interface for remote handle.
* PLC, MCU and industrial computer are accessible for consumers to choose.
* Can give the system supply code for accessing the client’s higher computer and the factory centralized manage program.]

3. Requirements

FW-forty eight FW-63 FW-89 FW-114
Capacity selection 20-100kg/h fifty-300kg/h one hundred-600kg/h three hundred-1500kg/h
Quantity 40L 100L 150L 250L
Load Mobile Variety 50kg 100kg 150kg 200kg
Internet Bodyweight 86kg 140kg 170kg 190kg
Size 550x340x680 680x430x900 790x480x1050 950x530x1270
Servo Motor CZPT
AC380V 3ph
Feeding Motor .25kw
AC380V 3ph Feeding Motor
AC380V 3ph Feeding Motor .75kw AC380V 3ph Feeding Motor .75kw
CZPT Type spiral screw or strong single screw spiral screw or solid one screw spiral screw or sound solitary screw spiral screw or solid single screw
CZPT accuracy ±0.5% ±0.five% ±0.5% ±0.5%
Min. Weight sensitivity 1g 1g 2g 2g
Discharge tube Φ48×3 Φ63×3 Φ89×3 Φ114×3

one,Capability range worth is calculated primarily based on supplies with stacking density .6g/m
two,CZPT precision vale is examined based on doing work issue status for a longer time than at the very least thirty CZPTs.

FAQs on decline-in-fat feeders

  1. How does reduction in bodyweight feeder performs?

Gravimetric decline in bodyweight feeder is an instrument that is important to management and measure the speed of a substance in an instrument technique. This gear can deal with the bulk solids. It permits the reliable to discharge at a consistent excess weight for every device time. The device of measurement is kg/min or Kg/hour. The sign about the weight is employed as a system of comments control. It controls and displays the feed charge that enters a instrument. The weighing programs include several examples such as system scales, load-cells, weigh hoppers, etc. Depending on the general process, the gravimetric feeder may be a decline-in-excess weight system or a acquire-in-fat method.

  1. What are the most crucial advantages the gravimetric feeder can give to you?

To make sure excellent quality of closing product by properly metering the bulk elements.
To decrease the labor cost and improve labor work atmosphere
To Improve merchandise stability
Minimize dust pollution and be more environmentally welcoming

  1. What is basic accuracy charge of the very good decline in fat feeder?

Our common feeder’s feeding accuracy fee can be .5%. The micro twin screw decline in fat feeder precision rate can be up to .three%.

  1. What is the direct time for the equipment?

CZPTly, one team of three sets feeders production time will be about sixty times.

  1. How do the gravimetric decline-in-fat feeder packed and shipped?

The reduction in excess weight feeders are well packed and fastened in the plywood carton and then delivered to the seaport for sea transportation to the countries all over the planet.

Single Screw Gravimetric Feeding Machine for Dosing and Batching

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